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Minimalist Lifestyle Equals Maximum Joy

People often think that the lifestyle trend taking the world by storm — minimalist living, is a new and novel approach. It’s not. Its historical influence dates back to the Greek Spartans who were known for their regimented, no frills, bare essentials lifestyle.

Adapting A Minimalist Lifestyle

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Minimalist living is all about choosing to live a life with fewer things to worry about.; Make sure that you only concentrate on what enhances your life positively. This lifestyle, presents a very significant paradigm shift on how millennials and the younger generations perceive media and choose to concentrate on their passions while treating others and the environment with kindness and respect.

If the allure of this reduced stress lifestyle appeals to you, then you will need to consider following these important tips on how to start adapting a minimalist lifestyle of your own.

“Does this item spark joy?”

Marie Kondo
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Avoid Procrastination

So you’ve decided that you want to try this lifestyle - now what?

Once you’ve reached that decision, it is vital to act upon your decision as soon as possible. People often say that the first steps are the hardest. It’s true. There is a moment of fear because you’re trying something new, something never done before, something where the risks might far outweigh the rewards. That should never stop you.

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Remember your primary reason for wanting to adapt to a lifestyle of minimalism - whether you just want change, or are eager to reduce your carbon footprint, or lessen the stressors in your life, or for any other reason; just hold on to it. Whenever you find yourself losing hope or missing your old way of life, just remember why you’re embracing this change and trust yourself and the process.

Everything in our lives, whether it is our commitments, relationships or physical belongings, should go hand in hand with what we consider relevant to us. Choosing this lifestyle will mean having to let go of physical belongings, (i.e. do you really need a self stirring mug or three coffee foamers?) emotional baggage (still unable to forgive and forget the boy or girl that broke your heart in 5th grade?) and maybe even some toxic people (do you really want to stay friends with someone who sees nothing but the worst in you and then just tell you they want the best for you?) It’s best to start decluttering slowly but steadily until you get the hang of things. This, more importantly includes people in your life.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

One of the hardest decisions to make in your journey is determining the value you are choosing to give to the things and places and people that you’ve grown accustomed to having around. When starting this process for the first time, chances are, you will still find all of them to be quite appealing and you may even start to reason with yourself as to why you should keep them.

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In fact, Marie Kondo tells us that when we want to get rid of things, we need to be insightful and ask ourselves, “ Does this item spark joy?”

If you’re not careful, everything sparks joy! You end up keeping the dress you wore in a middle school dance because you wore a size 0 back then; you end up keeping the spatula you bought 6 exes ago because the sales person said you showed creativity and had an eye for design! See what I mean?!

Your golden rule in this minimalistic life is to always choose quality over quantity. Try ranking everything you find important as of the moment and cutting the last two things on your list. You can do this with people too. Once you grow comfortable enough to having them gone, you can increase the number of things you cut out until you’re left with only the bare essentials. Trust in Baloo’s words: “The bare necessities of life will come to you.”

Put in Place A Proper Disposal Mechanism

Once you have chosen what you intend to keep, proper disposal comes next. You can choose to donate them to local charities whose causes you support or you could put them up for sale online. Additionally, you can pass items with great sentimental value onto your siblings or other relatives if you aren’t ready to let go of it 100%. Find the disposal method that would suit you the best.

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Create more time for what you love

Life turns quite simple when you’re able to do the things you love the most. You don’t need to spend your days worrying about unnecessary things, thus you’re able to live with less everyday stress. Fewer belongings mean less stuff to clean and keep track of, you’ll now have more time to spend pampering yourself and trying out other things you’ve always been interested in but kept putting off because you were busy with other things.

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Minimalism encourages new experiences and with that, meeting new people. After determining what kind of relationships you find healthy and precious, you're now well-equipped to brave the sea of people to find your next forever friends.