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Throw an Awesome Movie Night With Friends!

Make it a Hit!

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Whether you and your friends are movie buffs or you just want to have a good time together, movie nights are one of the best ways to have some fun. This activity is not just an avenue for watching movies together, but it also offers you some leeway to catch up, share a few hearty laughs, and even plan your next adventure together.

So what now? Call up your friends or message them online! Make it one of the best nights that you guys will ever have! But to make it a reality, you have to plan things out. Though being spontaneous often results in unforgettable moments, being prepared can actually help you do away with stress caused by lack of organization. You’ve got to start figuring out who will be joining the fun. Once you have the headcount, you will need to work out the budget. You may ask the “moviegoers” to chip in if you do not want to shoulder all the expenses. You will also need to divide the to-do’s among yourselves.

Consider the following:

Pick a theme:

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While a hodgepodge selection of movies gives variety, choose to stick to one theme. With that, the tension and excitement you will feel will be consistent all throughout. On one of your movie nights, you can agree to go for all things geeky. Science Fiction and Drama are most welcome; consider classics, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, The Terminator, and The Matrix.

Go on an all out Harry Potter Bingefest, complete with costumes!

Another weekend may be dedicated to all time favorite chick flicks, such as Sweet Home Alabama, You’ve Got Mail, The Runaway Bride, Legally Blonde, and Clueless. Another Friday night can be about modern thrillers, such as Gone Girl, Sicario, Black Swan, and the like. Collating movies and collecting recommendations is such a breeze nowadays with streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access & Disney Plus.

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Grab some grub

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The food is definitely one of the reasons your friends agree to join your movie night. So you better make it great. As someone aspiring to be a better host, you should do more than just popcorn (although this one’s a staple).

The rule here is to go for something light and easy to make. Canapes can do the trick, but if you want to serve something heavier, bite-sized sandwiches will also make good snacks. Pizzas are a safe choice, too. Some of your friends may be on a certain diet, so prepare something that is healthy, such as salads. Also, watch out for your friends’ allergies and food intolerances. Take it up a notch and maybe make a drinking game out of the movie. If people are drinking, remember to call Uber, Lyft, taxis or any service rather than letting them drive.

If you want to extend your bonding time with your friends, ask them to come over at an earlier time to help you prepare. Better yet, have them stay over. Roll out the sleeping bags and blow up the air mattresses.

Spruce up your place

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This one should be easy, especially if you already have a theme. Though you can already proceed to the movie watching, a spruced up place makes a nice touch. This will help a lot in setting a mood. If you are about to marathon all the Harry Potter movies, it would be nice if you turn the room into a Gryffindor common room by changing the mantles, displaying school flags, and creating wands that can double as your friends’ souvenirs. Superhero night? Dress up your room with superhero colors or put up the masks, shields, and iconic implements of your favorite superheroes.

Give it a spin

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If the plot becomes a bore, spice the night up with games that are related to what you’re watching! Cards Against Humanity would be a good way to continue the frenetic pace from a drama movie. Follow up the action in the MCU with a Marvel Movies Trivia game. We’d suggest that you play Truth or Dare, but at this point, we think it would be more useful to dare you to throw a Movie Night!