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Picture a vast, lush meadow, growing with exquisite wildflowers of every color and hue. You'll find a young girl lying upright in the midst of it, just breathing in her surroundings, pen and notebook in hand. That's Jastine for you.

Jastine likes agriculture, theater, and feminism. She also acts for both film and theater and uses her experiences as creative jet fuel. In her spare time, she likes writing poetry and one-act plays.

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Minimalist Lifestyle Equals Maximum Joy

People often think that the lifestyle trend taking the world by storm — minimalist living, is a new and novel approach. It’s not. Its historical influence dates back to the Greek Spartans who were known for their regimented, no frills, bare essentials lifestyle.


Bir Tawil: The Shunned Water Well

Bir Tawil is a European-Arabic word for “water well” but there’s no water and certainly no well there.


Happy Birthday Duff Goldman!

Hope you’re having an awesome one! But, can you let us in on a secret? We’re all curious, who bakes your birthday cake?


Happy Birthday Krysten Ritter!

We're Wishing the Jessica Jones Actress a Kick Ass Birthday!

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