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Happy Birthday Krysten Ritter!

We're Wishing The Jessica Jones Actress a Kick Ass Birthday!

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Whether you know her best as the irresponsible foul-mouthed party girl who lives in Apartment 23 or as the ass kicking super-powered sleuth who is part of The Defenders, Krysten Ritter’s surely caught your eye somewhere.

Famed American actress, musician, author, director, and model, and quite recently, mother - is there nothing this girl can’t do?

If you can’t ride a horse, ride a cow!

Krysten Alyce Ritter might be a big Hollywood star now, but she started from rather humble beginnings. Before she became the internationally-famed model and performer she is today, she was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and spent her childhood on a cattle farm outside of Shickshinny, a borough with a population of less than 900.

In an interview with Playboy in 2012, Ritter talked about her life on the farm, and the compromise she made with her family when they declined to raise horses on the 100-acre property. She explained how her stepfather called horses 'hay burners' and wanted nothing to do with them. As a compromise to her animal-riding dreams, she traded equine for bovine, raised a calf named Jake which seems to have been an important part of her young life. She told Playboy: "He was so small that when I got him, I could pick him up. We took naps together and snuggled."

While Ritter embraced life on the farm, she did occasionally show signs of wanting more. She later recalled, "My mom says I was always dancing around and screaming for attention." Maybe it’s not so much a shocker that Hollywood one day came knocking.

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Know where to vibrate

Ritter’s modeling career kicked off by chance when she was discovered by an agent in a local shopping mall. She was signed to Elite Model Management, and then Wilhelmina Models which was instrumental in her desire to act by placing her for an audition in a Dr. Pepper television commercial.

She moved to New York City at 18 and established an international-modeling career in print ads and on television. Ritter told Times Leader: "As soon as I got to the city, I went, 'Oh, here we go. This is where I belong. I was vibrating in my small town but didn't really know what to do with myself."

Dream big kiddies!

One of Ritter's earliest roles was in the star-studded movie Mona Lisa Smile where she had only one line. But her innate skill and passion for acting shone through! No longer taking on roles as glorified extras, she was offered parts of the sidekick, best friend, and bad girl variety.

This phase of her career included the movies What Happens in Vegas, Confessions of a Shopaholic, She's Out of My League and 27 Dresses. Thanks to a combination of hard work, consistency, and luck, Ritter eventually started to score titular roles as bad-ass female characters like Chloe from the ABC sitcom, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 and Jessica Jones from the Netflix-Marvel Television series of the same name. She also made her directorial debut during episode 2: A.K.A You're Welcome in season 3.

“ I am sarcastic and dry, but I also have a pretty huge zest for life.”

Krysten Ritter

Here’s to celebrating your huge zest for life on this birthday and for many more birthdays to come!

Have a kick-ass 38th birthday today, Krysten!